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Breathing good, clean air is possible with ASIET's air purification and air filtration systems. Our technologically advanced equipment prevents and destroys at least 90% of airborne matter, organic and inorganic materials. This includes mold and odors, as well as airborne pathogens, airborne viruses, airborne bacteria, dust and pet dander. From hospitals, pet facilities and schools, to homes, offices and industrial buildings, everyone can benefit from one of ASIET's air purification products.


Our air filtration systems are effective and easy to maintain. To decide which model is right for you, simply determine what size best fits your space and needs.

Asiet Air - Air Purification and Air Cleaning Systems

Destroy All Odors including:


Pet Odors

Cigarette Smoke

Destroys Viruses and Bacteria causing:


Common cold  *  Flu  *  Asthma  *  Allergies

Listeria  *  E-coli  *  Mycotoxins (fungus)

Cedar fever  *  Hantavirus

ASIET, INC air scrubbers and air purifiers disinfect and deodorize all odors including pet odors. Unlike other units that use HEPA or carbon filters, the ASIET, Inc. Air Scrubbers actually destroy odors, mold, viruses and bacteria (such as flu, listeria, e-coli, mycotoxins (fungus), cedar fever, and Hantavirus (disease from mouse droppings)). ASIET, Inc air purifiers improve allergy and asthma symptoms. All of our systems even eliminate cigarette smoke.


ASIET, INC Air Scrubbers are not harmful and the air can be treated while buildings are still occupied. With ozone machines, buildings have to be unoccupied while treating the air due to the harmful effects.


All ASIET, INC. systems are built using the highest quality components and are designed to last 25 to 30 years. All ASIET air purification systems are easy to maintain and repair.  The proprietary reactor pad filters in ASIET air purifier are more cost effective than conventional filtration.


ASIET, INC air purification systems will pay for themselves.  The cost savings you realize when you and your family's health improves and the resulting decrease in medical bills for respiratory related illnesses will more than pay for the ASIET equipment and the clean, purified air it can provide.


ASIET, INC system has portable air purifier models which are great for moving from room to room. Moving to a new residence or going on vacation?  These ASIET portable air purifiers can travel with you and continue to clean and purify the air you breath. They can also be installed anywhere on the return air side in an air conditioning and heating unit


 Lifetime parts warranties are available for any and all of ASIET’s air purification products.

What Can Asiet Air Purification Systems Can Do For You?

ELIMINATE (Not Just Reduce):

  • Contagious Airborne Threats
  • Infectious Airborne Threats
  • Dangerous Airborne Threats
  • Organic Airborne Threats
  • Airborne Odors


7700 Mini Portable Air Purifier

7710 Mini Portable Air Purifier

7711 Ultra Air Purifier

7715 Ultra Air Purifier

7716 Ultra Air Purifier

7720 Portable Air Purifier

7730 Ultra Air Purifier

Air Filtration - The Solution To Environmental Air Quality 1st Time - Every Time

Infectious / Contagious Disease Concerns And Quarantines Within Your Facilities

The State of Texas Quarantine and Isolation Laws provide an important public health tool, specifically the authority for quarantine and isolation.  In short, these regulations require the reporting of the presence of contagious, infectious, and dangerous epidemic diseases and the declaration of a house, building, apartment, room, or place to be a place of quarantine whenever a case of communicable disease occurs therein in order to protect the public health.  In some states, these communicable diseases are defined to be cases of yellow fever, cholera, smallpox or other epidemic diseases.  The federal government, through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has authority to monitor and respond to the spread of communicable diseases across national or state borders. By Executive Order of the president of the United States, federal isolation and quarantine are authorized for specific communicable diseases: cholera, diphtheria, infectious tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral hemorrhagic fevers, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), and flu that can cause a pandemic.  As health professionals, you are all too aware of these regulations and the need for their enforcement.


On eleven (11) different occasions since 2001, ASIET has come to the rescue of Texas state hospitals and assisted living centers experiencing a quarantine condition.  In most of these instances (all but one), the facilities did not contact ASIET until the facility staff and management had exhausted all of their own measures in an attempt to clear the quarantine condition yet remained unsuccessful and the quarantine condition continued unabated. Some of these quarantines had been ongoing continuously for greater than 6 months (over 180 days) with no resolution in sight.  Once contacted, ASIET provided its air purification equipment to each of these facilities and within less than one (1) week after this equipment was placed in service, the quarantine situations were completely cleared.


Although the specific facilities and the causes for these quarantines must remain confidential, it is reasonable to believe that had the ASIET equipment been in service as a preventive measure, the conditions that resulted in these quarantines could have been precluded.  Considering the cost of such preventive efforts versus the costs associated with the loss of use of the quarantined buildings and the cleanup measures, ASIET is not only the proven effective cleanup solution but also the most cost effective solution to this ever present threat.  ASIET has the experience, technology and equipment to literally disinfect the air whether it be a specific hot spot, a room, a building or even a entire facility.  ASIET has a complete line of equipment that significantly reduces and in most cases totally eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold, organic pathogens and even odors from the environment.  The application of ASIET’s equipment has proven to be beneficial to clients with respiratory issues and in protecting clients and staff from contaminants.  Not only does ASIET’s equipment purify the air, but through continued use, it is equally effective at cleansing surfaces within the treated area.


ASIET offers its equipment through rentals, leases, lease to own and purchase agreements. ASIET is partnered with Lighthouse for the Blind. Lighthouse for the Blind has a Smart buy state contract that ASIET honors because of the partnership with Lighthouse for the Blind.


Please contact us so that we can discuss with you how ASIET can help you address your environmental quality and infectious/contagious disease concerns.  I welcome you to read some of the testimonials posted on my website and please check out my extensive product listing and descriptions. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding this very serious and real threat to you, your family and your employees and to offer you a 1st time - every time effective solution.  Not only do I think I can show you how this is an affordable solution but I think I can convince you that ASIET is the solution you cannot afford to overlook.




Tim Mitchell