ASIET Air Purifiers Applications

How much does it cost to purchase and maintain the ASIET equipment?

Costs will vary with each application, but much like your present HVAC system, it depends on how much cubical area you are treating and how you want to do it. An ASIET representative will be happy to discuss the situation with you, explain options and the cost of each option so that you can make a decision best suited for you. Maintenance costs are relatively low, but you can expect to continue to replace air filters on your HVAC system. Lamps will need to be replaced on an annual basis and reactor pads may need replaced every three to four years. If smoking is allowed in your home or facility, the lamps may need to be wiped with alcohol at ninety day intervals. Ballast and switches should be replaced as needed, just as you would in maintaining a fluorescent light fixture.

Using a PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation)ASIET Air PCO Purification Systems are not harmful and the air can be treated while buildings are still occupied. With NO ozone the ASIET machines are human and pet friendly. 

Air Purifier for Mold RemovalMoldRemovedRemoved
Air Purifier for Pet DanderDanderRemovedRemoved
Air Purifier for Sick BuildingsMold - VOCs - ParticulateRemovedRemoved
Air Purifier for Allergy ReliefPollen - DanderRemovedRemoved
Air Purifier for Flooded BuildingsMold - VOCs - ParticulateRemovedRemoved
Air Purifier for Pathogen RemovalPathogen RemovalRemovedRemoved
Air Purifier for Virus RemovalParticulateRemovedRemoved
Air Purifier for Asthma ReliefAllergensRemovedRemoved
Air Purifier for Odor ControlSmoke - Odor ParticulateRemovedRemoved
Air Purifier for RemediationOrganic Particulates RemovedRemovedRemoved
Air Purifier for Smoke RemovalSmokeRemovedRemoved
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