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Asthma Relief with Asiet Air PCO Systems 

Asthma - a condition that causes shortness of breath and wheezing. It usually results from an allergic reaction or other forms of hypersensitivity. People with asthma have airways that are very sensitive. Irritants can include small particles in the air that cause asthma to have a hard time breathing . Examples of irritants include the following: 

Tobacco smoke - can induce wheezing or an asthma attack in people with asthma. Smoke remains in the air long after the cigarette has been put out. 

Nitrogen Dioxide - is a gas given off by indoor appliances such as gas stoves and space heaters. Nitrogen dioxide in the air can potentially make an asthma sufferer worse. 

Household dust - includes pet dander, dead skin and hair particles that are suspended in the air longer than we would think. They could cause a person with asthma to become worse. 

Chemical odors - paint, pesticides, adhesives and tiles, dry-cleaned clothes, toner from photocopiers, and cleaning products used in the home. These odors can cause an asthma attack in people with asthma. 

People with asthma - may be sensitive to perfumes, scented detergents and soaps, personal deodorants, and room deodorizers. 

Smoke - Tobacco Smoke or secondhand smoke is an irritant to the eyes, nose, and throat, and can cause permanent damage to the lungs. It may cause asthma attacks and respiratory infections to happen. Infants and children are most vulnerable to secondhand smoke because their lungs are still developing and it could cause them to have asthma. With Asiet Air PCO system all the smoke in the air will be filtered out. No more secondhand smoke at casinos,bars and restaurants where smoking is allowed. 

With an Asiet Air PCO system a person with asthma will have relief of all symptoms because the system purifies 99.99% of the air in their home.


How ASIET Air Purifiers Work:

ASIET Air Equipment employs UV-C germicidal lamps and photocatalytic "Technosite™" impregnated reactors. This combination is far more effective than UV light alone.

UV Light is provided by the sun and also by specially designed lamps. The three types of UV lamps in the market produce UV-A, UV-B and UV-C light. UV-B is used in medical applications to treat patients with Jaundice, Psoriasis, and other skin disorders by irradiating the reactor pads and in rooms to treat the upper level air next to the ceiling. UV-A is less effective in killing bacteria than UV-C. UV-C at 254 nm wavelength is the peak absorbance of DNA and RNA; therefore, the most effective in killing cells, including bacteria. UV light intensity decreases with the square of the distance from the bulb. Therefore, for UV-light to be effective, bacteria and mold cells must be in close proximity to the lamp.

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