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How ASIET Air Purifiers Work:

ASIET Air Equipment employs UV-C germicidal lamps and photocatalytic "Technosite™" impregnated reactors. This combination is far more effective than UV light alone.

UV Light is provided by the sun and also by specially designed lamps. The three types of UV lamps in the market produce UV-A, UV-B and UV-C light. UV-B is used in medical applications to treat patients with Jaundice, Psoriasis, and other skin disorders by irradiating the reactor pads and in rooms to treat the upper level air next to the ceiling. UV-A is less effective in killing bacteria than UV-C. UV-C at 254 nm wavelength is the peak absorbance of DNA and RNA; therefore, the most effective in killing cells, including bacteria. UV light intensity decreases with the square of the distance from the bulb. Therefore, for UV-light to be effective, bacteria and mold cells must be in close proximity to the lamp.

Don't let body odor fill up your whole Gymnasium or Fitness Center.

ASIET is the answer to your indoor air quality issues in your gymnasiums. This is a bold claim but we challenge you to see why ASIET is able to make such a claim. ASIET has taken good engineering and science research to the next level in developing a complete line of air scrubbers which can provide significant reduction in, or elimination of, organic pathogens and odors.

Simply stated, give your staff the best indoor air quality possible. Abundant Environmental technology can give you options to reduce, or eliminate, these organic pathogens (including mold) before they infect the entire facility. ASIET equipment has been used for years for the prevention of mold. ASIET is the perfect tool for mold restorations if mold has become an issue.

ASIET would like the opportunity to demonstrate our equipment for you and your staff at your location. All we need is the worst problem area you have to show you what ASIET will do for you.

There is no pressure to purchase or lease our equipment - quite frankly, the hard part is getting permission to do the demonstration. The ASIET technology and equipment remove odors, pathogens, and even secondhand smoke.

ASIET equipment is designed to couple to your existing A/C system to disinfect and deodorize your entire facility. ASIET technology treats air flowing through the ducts of your heating and air conditioning equipment and kills bacteria residing in, or passing through, the ducts.

ASIET Environmental will remove and destroy any organic odor - odors from mold, odors from human waste, or VOC's from chemicals designed to disinfect your facility. ASIET patented-pending UVC assisted reactor chambers will neutralize and destroy these unpleasant odors - without ozone or harmful chemicals.

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