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How ASIET Air Purifiers Work:

ASIET Air Equipment employs UV-C germicidal lamps and photocatalytic "Technosite™" impregnated reactors. This combination is far more effective than UV light alone.

UV Light is provided by the sun and also by specially designed lamps. The three types of UV lamps in the market produce UV-A, UV-B and UV-C light. UV-B is used in medical applications to treat patients with Jaundice, Psoriasis, and other skin disorders by irradiating the reactor pads and in rooms to treat the upper level air next to the ceiling. UV-A is less effective in killing bacteria than UV-C. UV-C at 254 nm wavelength is the peak absorbance of DNA and RNA; therefore, the most effective in killing cells, including bacteria. UV light intensity decreases with the square of the distance from the bulb. Therefore, for UV-light to be effective, bacteria and mold cells must be in close proximity to the lamp.

Top 8 Reasons Asiet PCO Air Purification Systems are needed in Casinos









Smoke and Odor Removal

With one pass through this multi-chamber system second hand smoke will be eliminated to the point it will not be detectable to your clients and guests. All the while this is done through a process that does NOT require either ozone or chemicals. Even better the patented pending technology will eliminate both ozone and chemicals which you have introduced into the air system in your facility as they pass through reactors. Reactors will be equipment with sensors which will allow for constant monitoring to insure all reactors are functioning at maximum efficacy.

Casinos in the United States Eliminate Smoke - filled air with Asiet Air PCO One thing that is for sure when people go to a casino it is to have fun. Many people, who normally don’t smoke, smoke if they drink. Many people who moderately customarily smoke, smoke heaverlier when they drink. People who normally smoke heavily really get on with their smoking when they drink. You also have the non-drinkers who smoke. I would say everybody in these categories wouldn’t consider second hand smoke to be a big influence of their Casino experience. Somewhere in the neighborhood of plus 65% of American’s don’t smoke. It is obvious that the majority of people who want to go to Casinos overlook the effects of secondhand smoke. I know that the casino’s spend lots of efforts to remove high volumes of indoor thermal treated air at enormous expense to exchange that air for outside non thermal treated air. All of this done to make for better air quality. This is no longer needed to reach the best quality air for you and your guest. By adding Asiet Air PCO Systems to your existing equipment you will be the best air quality in any casino in the United States period.

Hypoallergenic Facility

This part of the application will be hardest to observe. When we don’t feel bad we don’t know why we feel good or bad nor do we care we simply feel good. When this equipment is installed in Casinos across the United States the clients need to be informed that this is not standard customary air. Rather the casino/ ASIET AIR PCO are providing them with Hypo-Allergenic air. Not only does Asiet AIr PCO systems eliminate smoke and odors it also eliminates the allergens which make people feel bad when they are forced to breathe them. All indoor air systems have these allergens in the systems by nature of filtration system. Asiet Air PCO systems will eliminate these allergens.

We are not about filtering the air, we are about eliminating the source of ANY organic contaminate or carbon based inorganic contaminants. The best filters only add to the problem by causing mycotoxins which are gases which will pass through any filtration system even hospital grade HEPA filters. We destroy mycotoxins as they pass into our Asiet Air PCO system. Regardless of the size of the allergens we will destroy them in our reactors period. People who feel good will spend more time having fun and spending money not resting in their rooms. Make your guest aware there is something special about the air in the casino they are spending time in.

Cost Savings

Normally one would expect for something as wonderful as what we’ve proposed for Casinos in the United States to have no cost savings to go along with it. That is not the case with our PCO systems which Asiet Air PCO systems propose for your casino’s service. It will take less energy to keep the same temperature which you now maintain by simply removing particulate. No filtration system now available can do this without causing back pressure caused by buildup of particulate on the filter banks. Remember our system is about destroying organic particulate and inorganic carbon based particulate not catching it to interfere with the efficiency of the existing system. Our team of engineers and scientists are into custom design of specific systems to meet individual needs for our clients.

You will use less energy because you will have less back pressure as well as less need to dump your interior air to eliminate smoke and odors. You will also have less need to mix hot polluted outside air with your already cold inside air. In the winter months you won’t have to dump your warm air for stagnant colder outside air. This is done through destroying the organic matter in your building not filtering it. The same is true with inorganic carbon based particulate.

Are we saying you will never need to change a reactor or filter again? The answer is no.

But with Asiet Air PCO this will require less need to change pads Asiet air PCO Filters will eliminate many of the things which stop up conventional filters.

Asiet Air PCO lengthened the life of the reactor pad to their conventional filter from every two weeks to every four months. We can’t say how long the life of a reactor pad will be for Casinos in the United States because of unknowns about the volumes of smoke but we can say our Asiet Air PCO system will lengthen it over anything else we are aware of on the market today.

Cost savings will also be a part of the whole systems being monitored and cleaned in one location in lieu of spot cleaning part of system. Asiet Air PCO will work much like a self cleaning oven when rotated in chamber.

Long Term Health Benefits

By the very nature of building being sealed and needing constant maintenance, cleaning, and repair we place ourselves in constant exposure to breathing off gases and voc’s which are by products of their own design. Asiet Air PCO has designed our equipment to removal all particulates and to eliminate these harmful off gases and VOC's. You will notice employees don’t pass around flu and common colds. This will mean less sick time and loss of work. You and your employees won’t be exposed to cancer causing vapors carcinogens that are trapped inside your building. With the only way to be removed these carcinogens being to breathe these into someone’s lungs. Remember even the best filter can’t take them out. For the first time ever you can give yourself and your employees something you can’t put a price take on “the freedom to breathe”. The long term health of you, your employees, and your guest are the true reason Asiet Air PCO systems exists.

Removal of Virus and Bacteria

We know that we can greatly improve the air quality any where this system is installed. We have seen it work in meat processing facilities, hospitals, schools, and now we hope to prove ourselves to the Casinos in the United States. If you’re soul reason for installing our system was to have the cleanest air possible for you, your employee’s and guest it would be worth the cost. However this is a free result of having a system which does multiple services with one design. The fact that the system was adapted to compensate for heavy smoke loads only adds to its ability to be an anti-carcinogen, anti-viral, and anti-bacteria chamber to the grandest order. Net results are improved health through improved air for free while attacking the bigger issue second hand smoke removal.

Homeland Security Issues

No one likes to think what if of use of infectious disease being released into the air in an American city. No one thought about flying an airplane into a building before 9-11 either. Without much discussion or trying to frighten anyone considers this. Which would be better if this happened in a facility with conventional filtration or one with ability to kill organic matter and inorganic carbon based matter? It would appear to greatly protect you, your employees, and your guest if it should ever happen. We have had discussions with the CDC staff about building super reactors to protect citizens during a terrorist event. We are not saying under extreme events this system would protect anyone from danger. I do know for a fact that our UVC assisted reactor chambers will greatly reduce the effects of a chemical attack if one should happen in the United States. As much as we may all dislike the fact planning for the protection of our air will be a concern we will all have to deal with in these days ahead

Mold Prevention and Restoration

This is a topic we at Asiet Air PCO are very familiar with and would like to explore. Our equipment was originally designed to address another new frontier mold contamination. The best defense is a good offense and proper maintenance of our facilities. Keeping a good roof is number one priority in mold prevention.

Dealing with water exposure is a close number two. A big addition to that fight is our portable units that should be standard equipment in every water event. These portable PCO systems eliminate the areas where water was introduced to eliminate (kill) mold spores that are airborne before they can germinate in this wet moist growing area. Every maintenance department needs this equipment to prevent exposure to mold outbreaks. This same equipment will eliminate remodeling and construction odors as well. Our PCO systems are the FRONT LINE OF DEFENSE for mold and mold prevention. All of our equipment has the same PCO assisted killing chambers Our equipment has been specified for installation of buildings needing restoration from mold. We have been used for years in Public Courthouses, City Halls, and private locations to make the air safe to breathe even though the building was contaminated with mold infestations. However by installing our equipment it was deemed safe for staff and public use. We did not remove the source. We did however remove the air borne mold so it was safe to breathe the air in these sick building. Prevention of mold is the best way to address it. Mold is natural in outdoor settings. All you have to do is listen to news and they’ll tell you when mold counts are high. Every time you bring outdoor air into your building you bring in mold. Weather it is outdoor air coming into your air handling system or just blowing in through open doors or windows. Once they are in your system they are there to stay. No conventional filter can eliminate them. They remain dormant until the right environment presents itself for them to grow. They have nothing but time so 100 years isn’t too long. When you have a toilet or tub overflow the clock starts running. Mold needs as little as 24-48 hours of the right conditions to grow. What if a small leak happens deep in a wall and mold has found its way to that location. 24-48 hours is all mold needs to start the germination process. I’ve personally been involved in mold restorations running into 100’s of thousand of dollars. I’ve seen school district tear down otherwise perfectly good facilities because of mold. This is not a fair fight. Mold likes to hide in the dark places we wouldn’t normally be going into or inspecting. We don’t fight mold fair either. Let’s talk prevention. Don’t let mold have the advantage. Mold finds its way into Casinos through outdoor air introduction. The first pass through our Asiet Air PCO system is its last pass through our PCO system. The mold is history no 100 years to lay in wait of the proper environment to spread. The cheapest way to deal with mold infestation is to never have one, trust me on that one. All of this at no additional cost but a dividend to system installed to remove smoke. I love talking about mold and if you want more information please ask. It’s awesome we’ve already figured out how to eliminate this terrible infestation.

Low Maintenance Cost

Everything about our design was made with easy simple maintenance in mind.Energy savings will be large. By having the ability to minimize the amount of outside air exchanges cost savings will be immediate. Because our equipment works downstream with the scrubbing effect of our treated air your air ducts should require less cleaning. This should flow over into resistors and grills. You should have less nicotine buildup in your equipment and on your walls and ceiling. We have had owners and managers tell us that they have never smelled cigarettes in their bar even though it has capacity for 266 people mainly smokers. I believe that our system will put you into a position of truly having the best indoor air quality in casinos in the United States not just most cost effective smoke free environment.

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