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Bacteria Removal | ASIET Air Purifiers

Bacteria Removal with Asiet Air PCO Systems 

E. coli is always a problem after any type of flooding event - ASIET offers immediate assistance for hurricane air quality restorations. 

E. coli reduction, or elimination, using portable units or your existing heating and air conditioning system is not available for immediate use for hurricane restoration projects. 

Tests at Texas Tech University have proven that E. Coli is destroyed when introduced to the air coming out of ASIET equipment. By simply placing the stainless steel portable unit into a problem area, the disinfecting process begins by pulling pathogens through the reactor chambers. Additionally, the treated air will assist your staff in "scrubbing" the structure and all of the contents in your facility. 

Bacteria - Bacteria, also called germs, small organisms not seen with the naked eye. Bacteria are everywhere, both inside and outside of your body. Bacteria can live in a variety of environments. Some bacteria are good for you, while others can make you sick. By having an Asiet Air PCO system you can cut down the bad bacteria drastically. 

Actinomycetes - gram-positive bacteria,found in soil, and some air samples have confirmed the existence of actinomycetes of which are pathogenic for humans and animals. An actinomycete can cause diseases in humans, especially in the oral cavity. 

Protozoa - Unlike bacteria, protozoa can have many different organelles performing different tasks. Protozoa could be pathogenic to animals and humans. Asiet Air PCO system will aid in destroying the protozoa and cutting down the diseases they spread.

How ASIET Air Purifiers Work:

ASIET Air Equipment employs UV-C germicidal lamps and photocatalytic "Technosite™" impregnated reactors. This combination is far more effective than UV light alone.

UV Light is provided by the sun and also by specially designed lamps. The three types of UV lamps in the market produce UV-A, UV-B and UV-C light. UV-B is used in medical applications to treat patients with Jaundice, Psoriasis, and other skin disorders by irradiating the reactor pads and in rooms to treat the upper level air next to the ceiling. UV-A is less effective in killing bacteria than UV-C. UV-C at 254 nm wavelength is the peak absorbance of DNA and RNA; therefore, the most effective in killing cells, including bacteria. UV light intensity decreases with the square of the distance from the bulb. Therefore, for UV-light to be effective, bacteria and mold cells must be in close proximity to the lamp.

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