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ASIET Air Purification Systems purifies the air you breathe, killing harmful viruses, bacteria, removing smoke, cleaning surfaces and eliminating odors.

7700 Mini ASIET AIr Purification System


ASIET Air purifiers use three different methods to destroy particulates in the air.

UVC Lamps

ASIET utilizes UV bulbs in all of the air-scrubbing models. These bulbs produce ultraviolet light that even on its own ability can act as a germicide. When implemented in ASIET’s PCO technology, the UV light interacts with the special reactor pad to create hydroxyl radicals. This process amplifies the germicidal capabilities of the ASIET units. UV bulbs typically stay effective for a year, but even if they continue to light up after that their potency will diminish. As always, use caution when around UV lamps, never open the units while the machines are running, and avoid touching the bulbs without gloves, as oil from skin can affect them.

Reactor Pads

The reactor pads used in all of the ASIET models may look like regular filters, however they are infused with a special formula that reacts with the light from the UV bulbs to create the hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals increase the efficacy of air purification. The special formula that these reactor pads are saturated in has been perfected to offer optimal air-purifying potential. The reactor pads are safe to handle but do not rinse them with water as this can dilute the formula needed for the PCO process to be effective.


Several ASIET models are equipped with pre-filters. The sole purpose of the pre-filter is to block large particles, such as hair and dust, from entering the air purification unit. This keeps the mechanical components in well-conditioned shape to purify the air as long as possible. ASIET recommends the pre-filters to be replaced yearly along with the UV lamps and reactor pads, and can be vacuumed in between replacement if needed. Pre-filters are available for purchase separately if needed, in the case that the ASIET units are placed in “dustier than normal” conditions.

Industrial Air Quality

The research and development of the ASIET Air Purification Systems has a full rich history of satisfied clients. Our Industries and an assortment of applications, our machines are a favored element to large facilities down to personal office or home use.

Virus & Bacteria Icon

Destroy not Collect

Most filter and collect the impurities, we destroy and turn to ash all organics that go through our machine.

Smoke Icon

Kill Smoke & Odors

Our Air Purification Systems will take away smoke and the smell of smoke in your home or casinos.

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Mold Restoration

Flooded buildings produce mold after the water is gone. The growth is on the walls and places you can't see.

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Viruses & Bacteria

Locker Rooms and Dorms are a breeding ground for Viruses and bacteria. Our machine kills airborne organics.

ASIET Equipment helping people

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Texas Tech Wrap

Texas Tech Got Wrap

ASIET Air Purifier 7700

Texas Tech decided wrap their 7700 Mini and it turned out awesome. On the wrap of the air purifier it says "Texas Tech University System. Office of Equal Opportunity.

Texas Tech has always come up innovative ways to advance products and this goes to show that is what make them the best at what they do all the time.

Client Testimonials

See what other clients are saying.

Mark Slaughter B.S., M.S.

"In the period of approximately four weeks between October and November of this year, our facility had four patients return from the hospital with active MRSA wound cultures. All patients were on antibiotics, however, the MRSA was resolved within 6 days in each case. In our experience, a patient diagnosed with MRSA usually is asymptomatic within 2 - 3 weeks at a minimum employing antibiotic treatment and universal precautions alone. The only difference in treatment modality was the fact that we used Mr. Mitchell's device in each patients' room, which I believe was the only factor responsible for each infection resolution".

-Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator

Dr. John C. Zak

These two experiments demonstrate that the exposure of the TiO2 filter to UV was able to kill growing E. coli cells with maximum kill after 60 minute exposure. The E. coli cultures were not exposed to the UV light.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions concerning these results.

Dr. John C. Zak
Professor and Chair