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7720 PCO Air Purifier

Air Exchange :
665 cfm
Voltage :
110 vac
Weight :
Dimensions :
L × 20" W × 20" H x 23"
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7720 PCO Air Purifier



Replaces the need for HEPA filters, it actually

destroys air borne organic contaminants

7720 PCO Air Purifier

The ASIET 7720 PCO Air Purifier is used in Operating Rooms and Emergency rooms. The 7720 is a stainless steel portable unit on wheels. The wheels can be removed and the unit can be suspended from the ceiling. The 7720 stainless steel design withstands the disinfectant required in a hospital without rusting. The 7720 eliminates the odor of seafood from grocery stores and meat markets. The 7720 is ideal for medium sized pet facilities and is extremely effective in eliminating pet odors, allergens, and kennel cough.

The ASIET 7720 air purifier is great for small to medium sized bars, clubs, casinos, bingo halls or anywhere where smoking is allowed. The 7720 will destroy cigarette smoke. It is perfect for facilities with lots of people in one room such as call centers and daycares. The 7720 air scrubber kills viruses and bacteria in the air and creates a healthier environment. The ASIET 7720 air purifier has a long track record of decreasing the amount of sickness in these facilities resulting in healthier children and employees.

If you have a small or medium home or building restoration project from fire, water or mold, this is the air scrubber model that is perfect for such projects. The ASIET 7720 air scrubber effectively and completely removes mold and odors. Unlike other units that use HEPA or carbon filters, the 7720 actually destroys odors, viruses, molds, and bacteria, not just filter them. The ASIET 7720 air scrubber is very quiet, producing only white background noise, and is ideal for use in dorm sleeping area of state schools and state hospitals.

ASIET 7720 air purifiers have been used to disinfect quarantined state buildings by the department of health in some states.

ASIET 7720 air scrubbers are easy to maintain and repair. The proprietary reactor pads are more cost effective. Lifetime parts warranties are available. Replacement UVC lamps are available to be purchased and will last for a year of reliable service without failing.

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