Portable Air Purifier Model 7700

Photocatalytic Oxidation Air Purification

Model 7700 Mini

Air Exchange : 150 cfm
Voltage : 110/120 vac
Weight : 30lbs
Dimensions : L × 40" W × 24" H x 27"

7700 Mini PCO Air Purifier
Kills Organic Pathogens. HEPA Collects them.
300 times more effective than HEPA filters.
Destroys airborne organic contaminants.
Portable Air Purifier Model 7700 Instructions
7700 Mini PCO Air Purifier
The ASIET 7700 Mini PCO air purifier is perfect for small pet rescue facilities with multiple pets. The 7700 Mini eliminates pet odors whether from cats, dogs, ferrets, turtles or parrots. While the mini works great in animal facilities, they are just as effective in human environments also.

The ASIET mini air purifier is perfectly sized for hospital rooms where it destroys MRSA, doctor offices and classrooms where it has proven its effectiveness at reducing asthma attacks and in daycare centers where it virtually eliminates all airborne bacteria and viruses. Instead of using chemicals, the 7700 Mini is a safer alternative for small or medium hydroponic growth chambers for odor and mold elimination. The ASIET 7700 Mini air purifier is about the size of a personal computer. The blowers provide a calming white noise to block background noise and works well in areas designed for sleeping.

The 7700 Mini destroys microscopic compounds including but not limited to Cedar fever, Common cold, Asthma irritants and Flu virus.

The ASIET 7700 Minis are commonly used in the remediation and disinfection of quarantined state buildings. The 7700 mini air purifier is also used in state hospitals and schools in areas where individuals with breathing problems including respirator patients are involved.

ASIET 7700 Mini air purifiers are easy to maintain and the proprietary reactor pad filters are more cost effective than conventional filtration. Lifetime parts warranties are available.