7710 Replacement Kit

Photocatalytic Oxidation Air Purification

Model 7710

Reactor Pads: 3 (20" x 20")
Bulbs : 4 (36 watt)
Pre-Filters : 1 pre-filter

7710 PCO Air Purifier
Kills Organic Pathogens. HEPA Collects them.
300 times more effective than HEPA filters.
Destroys airborne organic contaminants.
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7710 PCO Air Purifier

The ASIET 7710 air purifier it is great for removing airborne mold and Mycotoxins (fungus). Originally the 7710 was intended for use in the remediation and restoration industry. The ASIET 7710 produces no harmful effects while cleaning the air. The 7710 air purifier can be used in an area to treat the air while occupied and will have no negative effects on people, animals or plants. All of our products produce no ozone. Most restoration equipment produce ozone, buildings have to be evacuated and unoccupied while treating the air with ozone producing equipment due to the harmful effects to humans, animals, and plants.

The ASIET 7710 air scrubber is stainless steel and on wheels. The 7710 air purifier is used in Operating Rooms and Emergency rooms. The ASIET 7710 design is totally portable. The wheels can be removed and the 7710 unit can become part of a separate ventilation loop system. The ASIET 7710 air purifier can withstand the disinfectant required in a hospital or pet care center without rusting. It effectively eliminates the odor in large areas of meat processing plants while providing disinfection as well. The ASIET 7710 is ideal for large sized pet facilities to rid the facility of pet odors and kennel cough.
The 7700 Mini destroys microscopic compounds including but not limited to Cedar fever, Common cold, Asthma irritants and Flu virus.

The ASIET 7710 air purifier is our most popular sized unit for animal care facilities.

The 7710 is ideally designed for large casinos and other locations with a large volume of cigarette smoke. It effectively and completely removes the smoke and the odor.

If you have a large home or building restoration project from fire, water or mold, this is the model for such products to remove mold and odors.

ASIET 7710 air scrubbers are used in the remediation and disinfection of quarantined state buildings and to control mold in public schools.