7716 Ultra PCO Air Purifier

Air Exchange :
Voltage :
110 vac
Dimensions :
L x 30" W x 24" H x 27"
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7716 Ultra PCO Air Purifier



Replaces the need for HEPA filters, it actually

destroys airborne organic contaminants

7716 Ultra PCO Air Purifier

The ASIET 7716 Double Wall Insulated Induct Air Purification System is placed anywhere on the return air side in a heating and air unit. It is for larger areas than the ASIET 7711 system. There is no noise while these units deodorize and disinfect the entire area.

This is our most popular unit for animal shelters and the animal care industry. The ASIET 7716 air purification system is also our most popular unit in luxury homes and mansions seeking the very best air quality possible while eliminating airborne issues before they happen.

The 7716 air purification system is good for large animal shelters to eliminate pet odors and kennel cough. It is our largest induct unit for schools, hospitals and office buildings to eliminate odors, mold, viruses and bacteria for a healthier indoor environment.

The ASIET 7716 air purification system meets specifications for federal buildings and mailrooms where the potential threat for dangerous contaminants such as anthrax and ricin is possible.

7716 air purification systems are easy to maintain and repair, and the proprietary reactor pads are more cost effective than common filters. Lifetime parts warranties are available. The ASIET 7716 Air Purification System is the most cost effective preventive maintenance device that can actually create safe, disinfected and deodorized air in a large area.

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